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Young Love - An Adoptee's Memoir

"This touching memoir brought much to light about the adoptee's journey. Sharing her challenging attempts to find her birth mother (and eventually birth father), the author did well to illustrate the obstacles. Providing photographs put a real face up front for the characters in this memoir. The cover design was well done with photography and the back-cover information was just enough to give a potential reader information about this book.

The introduction served well to set the scene for this book. As an advocate, the author was able to demonstrate how having the records of health would be beneficial for an adoptee. The search would also serve to help people who are considering their own search. The steps that Parsons took would be steps that others could take to get answers.

It was interesting to learn how Parsons eventually connected with her biological relatives and was able to have reunions with them. The helpful resources at the end of the book offered great opportunities for others who are searching to know where to go for help."


--28th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards




Hi Bonnie,

Finished your book this morning.

Hard to express how strong the series of emotions were that it engendered in me as I read. The same emotions I know that you experienced during your journey to find your past—excitement, joy, trepidation, sadness, loss, frustration and on and on.

Your persistence is something to behold. Every time you found yourself at a dead end, when others might've been tempted to call it a day, you carried on, often with the help of what you called your "angels".

I suspect you know that their arrival in your life each time you needed one was no accident. It was your determination and willingness to open your heart that drew them to you. Like that old saying about one not needing to seek out a guru—that he/she will find you when the time is right.

Something that kept nagging at me as I read, and a thought that my wife shared when
I told her about it, was amazement at how Joan came to give up four children for adoption. I'm so glad you addressed that question the way you did, talking about how you came to understand her motivation, and the issues that all mothers who give up a child for adoption have to face.

Congratulations on creating an amazing story—part mystery, part love story, part treatise on adoption and its affects on all the parties involved. Thanks for sharing it.




Well........ I received my autographed copy of your book, and I can tell you I was in tears and blubbering the minute it was in my hands. What an accomplishment!

I am proud to have played even a minor role in such an interesting, convoluted journey. Your tenacity and courage got you through times that many people would have not been able to emotionally cope with.

As I once said, "It's the brave ones who search!" I wish you much success in the future and cherish the special bond that we share as adoptees and searchers.

Search Angel, G'S Adoption Registry


Bonnie, the book is wonderful! Loved every minute of it! It reads like an absolutely intriguing mystery written from the heart. Honestly - couldn't put the book down.

Also loved how you wove so many sweet memories into your years of hunting for the facts - as well as how you documented everything every step of the way. Congrats on the great writing (and for teaching about adoption, too)!



I finished reading your book last night and just said 'wow!' It was written so that it kept me wanting to know what came next, and your loving spirit shone throughout. It was wonderful to learn that your birth parents had a loving relationship, which you learned through your birth dad's sister! How great that she knew both of your birth parents. I am glad to know that you are championing the rights of adoptees to know about their birth families, and so happy for you that you now have relationships with so many members of your birth family!



Hi Bonnie – Wow! What a wonderful book and incredible journey. You are obviously a very determined woman. Your persistence definitely paid off for you. And now after all these years, I would suggest that you are at peace with yourself. To be honest, I'm not a reader but I couldn't put your book down!